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is elm good firewood

Is Elm Good Firewood? – What you need to know

Elm is a popular type of firewood that people often use to heat their homes during the winter months. However, there is a lot of debate about whether Elm is a good firewood or not. Some people swear by it, … Read more
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Ikea Cabinet Hack – Making a Stunning Wall Cabinet

This is one of my first DIY builds that I am sharing with you of our Ikea cabinet hack that I created for our dining room. Our dining room really needed an upgrade and we wanted a wall cabinet over … Read more
Types of axes

Best Axe Deals for Black Friday

Black Friday is always a great time to buy a new axe. Like with many other products you can also get a good discount on some axes during the Black Friday weekend. I have some Black Friday axe deals listed … Read more
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Best Small Chainsaw for home users

Removing small branches or cutting small logs around the house can easily be done with a small chainsaw. They are light, easy to handle and not really expensive. So what is the best small chainsaw you can buy? I always … Read more
Best Electric Chainsaw Review

Best Electric Chainsaw Review

I always used my neighbour’s gas-powered chainsaw, but after we moved to another house I couldn’t borrow it anymore. With a shipment of wood coming in I started looking for a chainsaw. I finally found the best electric chainsaw which … Read more
Different type of axes

Types of Axes

Selecting the right axe for the job is important. The differences in the blade, head weight and length of the handle can make a job a lot easier. With the different types of axes available selecting the right one can … Read more