One of the most popular axes on the market, the Husqvarna Carpenters Axe. This 19-inch long carpenter’s axe is a real multipurpose tool. The size is between a small hatchet and a boys axe (typic 24-inch).  With its long straight cutting edge and thin blade, you will have excellent control when carving, hewing, splitting kindling or doing other woodwork.

Husqvarna axes are made by Hultafors which acquired in the 1990’s the well know Swedish axe maker Hults Bruk. As a result, these axes are made in one of the oldest and best forges in Sweden. And this is something you see in the quality of the axe. The handle grain is very nice, the grains a nicely close together and orientation is perfect giving the head is the strength.

Husqvarna 576926501 19' Wooden Carpenter's Axe
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Husqvarna 576926501 19" Wooden Carpenter's Axe
  • Designed with a long straight cutting edge and thin blade to allow for stability and control when cutting
  • Best suited for carpentry and other wood work
  • Recess in the head so that the hand gets as close as possible to the cutting edge for maximum control
  • Includes a leather edge cover
  • Head is attached to a hickory shaft using both a wooden and a Steel Wedge to secure fastening

Husqvarna Carpenters Axe Head

The head of the carpenter’s axe is very nicely forged and properly attached to the handle. If we look at the alignment of the head you will see that it’s dead on perfect and well mounted without any gaps. The Husqvarna Carpenters Axe head weighs around the 1.87 lb and is made from High Carbon Swedish Axe steel. For the attachment of the head to handle they used a wood and steel wedge. This gives a really solid connection between the handle and head.

The edge comes fairly sharp, but if you give it 5 to 10 minutes of final sharpening you will get a very nice edge. Because the head is made from a high carbon steel, you easily sharp the edge, but it will also hold the edge longer.

The Handle

For a good quality axe, we also need a high-quality handle. American Hickory is there for one of the best choices available. The curved handle will fit comfortably in your hand and is finish really nice. The grain has a perfect orientation and is tight, resulting in a real solid handle for this axe.

Due is in between length you can use this axe with one or two hands.  One hand is perfect for carving, limbing or making kindlings. But if you need the extra power when you want to chop down some small woods, then you can hold it comfortably with two hands.

Protecting the head

The Husqvarna axe comes with a leather sheath. This will help you keep the head edge in perfect condition and also help prevent any dents or other damages to the cutting edge.


With the Husqvarna Carpenters Axe you get a handmade quality axe for a budget price. It’s a great choice of as a bushcraft axe. The steel used is a high carbon Swedish axe steel with an American Hickory handle. Due to it’s higher head weight in comparison to the handle length you get a great axe for felling saplings, clearing branches and splitting kindlings.

If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a premium axe, then the Husqvarna Carpenters Axe is a great choice.

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Where to buy Husqvarna Axe

You can get all the Husqvarna Axes at Amazon. The advantage of buying it online is that you will receive it the next day without leaving the house.


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