We all want to spit our wood with little effort and fast. A good splitting maul will help a lot, but there is one axe that makes splitting wood really easy. The Chopper 1, a pretty old axe that not many people know about.

The Chopper 1 is one of the craziest axes ever created. Created originally in 1977, the Chopper 1 axe makes splitting wood fast and easy. They where out of sale for a couple of years, but recently you can buy them again online at chopper1axe.com.

The head of the Chopper 1 is made from a premium steel and weighs around the 5 a 6 pounds. The handle is made from hickory. You can order the replacement parts for the levers in case they get broken somehow.

How the Chopper 1 works

What makes this axe so special are the two splitting levers on the side of the axe head near the cutting edge. When you drive the head into the wood, the levers will push the wood apart making it easier to and faster to split the wood. This makes the use of wedges and mallets unnecessary and it prevents the axe from getting stuck into the wood. Even splitting large pieces or knotted pieces is a real ease with the Chopper 1.

To get the maximum effect of the levers you need to hit the wood as square a possible, try not to heel or toe the blade on the wood, and hit the wood in one smooth strike. Be aware that the wood will fly further away then you are used to. So make sure that people that are watching this great axe in action stand not to close to the wood!

Buying the axe

You can get the Chopper 1 Axe Head also on Ebay for around the $ 50. A complete axe new would cost you $ 100 at Chopper1axe.com.

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