We all need to store our wood somewhere, and yes you can build a nice firewood storage outside. But if you have the room and time for it then there are some amazingly creative ways to stack your firewood outside.

1. Stacking it around a tree

Normally you stack your firewood between pillars of wood or between two trees. But what if you have only one tree? Well, why not just wrap you firewood around the tree. It looks really nice and it’s easy to do:

stack wood around a tree


2. Creating art while stacking firewood

To keep in the tree line, I really like this one.  Now stacking your wood this way will require some trial and error and you probably won’t want to use the firewood afterwards. But it’s a great way to make something nice out of a pile of firewood

stack firewood outdoors

3. Making windows in you wood stack

If you have a lot of firewood stacked in the back of your garden then you might block the nice view you had. So why not create a little window in the firewood stack? You can do this easily with some boards that will hold up the wood.


4. Creating a painting with firewood

This owl has some great detail in it. Using different colours, sizing and wood type resulting in a beautiful painting. Can’t imagine they will use the wood anytime soon.

Creative way for firewood stackingGary Tailman

5. Animals

Some people create real nice animals with firewood. Take a look at this fish and wild boar. Really amazing how they are created.

beautifull firewood fishfacebook


firewood stacking wayHannelie Coetzee

6. Sphere

Another real piece of art, I don’t know how they did it, but this wood is stacked really nice ia n sphere.

outdoor stackingMichael Buck

7. Free standing wood stack

Stacking the firewood outdoors in a circular woodpile is pretty common, but the guy below has done for the extra mile and created some nice mushroom-like shapes out it:

firewood stacked as mushroomsBored Panda

8. Wood stack wall 2.0

You can stack your firewood in a wall, but this is really the next level of creating a firewood wall.

stacked firewood wall


I hope you have some great new ideas on how you can stack your firewood outdoors that doesn’t look boring. If you created a piece of art you self, send me a picture of it and I will gladly add you to the list of those amazing firewood stacking arts works.

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